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Queen Camilla
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Character’s Name: Queen Camilla of Gaea
Character’s Age: 37
Character’s Gender: Female
Country/Organization/etc: Gaea
Race: Human
Occupation: Bitch queen of Gaea
Bio/History: Queen Yolande had seven pregnancies. She birthed seven girls. All of Gaea was disappointed in her for not having birthed a male heir until interest was shown in her eldest daughter, Camilla. Camilla had a sharp tongue as well as a sharp mind. She excelled in her studies, taking classes at the university by the age of sixteen. Her father would hold foreign councils in her presence and ask her to give her thoughts and suggestions. Many times, the ambassador would use these tactics.

She grew up in a fairly sane family with a quack uncle or two. At the age of fourteen, she was engaged to be married to Lord Adonis Bryant Griffin who was twenty-nine at the time. It took them awhile to warm up to each other but Camilla eventually became pregnant with their first child when she was fifteen. The entire kingdom was overjoyed with the arrival of the boy. Nearly a year later, she gave birth to a girl. Camilla then went on to have another boy. The prince and princess looked very promising as future rulers. Their marriage was solid with three children to prove it. Then, as soon as happiness had come to them, tragedy was not too far behind. Camilla's first daughter died suddenly of smallpox. At the time, she was pregnant with her son, Tobias. While the girl suffered quietly for a few days, her mother was not allowed to see her to comfort her, for fear of spreading the disease to the unborn child.

Camilla quickly rebounded from her daughter's death after Tobias's birth. As did the entire kingdom. The couple went on happily. Camilla's parents lived a very long life until her father died when Tobias was four months old. Immediately, she and Adonis were crowned the king and queen of Gaea. Looking back, Camilla didn't know if she was ready or not. In a way, becoming a mother softened her iron-fisted politics. Either way, she promised to support Adonis in all his decisions. Gaea continued to flourish under Adonis's rule until Terra declared war on the country. All abled-body men were sent out to war, including Camilla's two eldest sons. Initially she objected such a decision but when she realized she had to instill confidence in her people, she let her sons go with the army. Three months later, a report came back that they had died in battle. Camilla couldn't bare it. The entire kingdom felt her sadness as there was a week of national mourning.

After losing three children and giving birth to a blind prince, Camilla and Adonis's marriage began to fall apart. The queen evolved into a bitch, for lack of a better term, ordering people around and abusing her right as queen. There is no doubt that she has had many lovers since the war. She has also become very overprotective of her children, especially of Theodore, her youngest. Whatever he wants, he gets it, even though he objects kindly. It seems her bitchiness has been passed to her daughter Floretta whom has suddenly been "kidnapped". The Queen remains in seclusion.
Appearance: Like any good MarySue, Camilla is also abundant in good looks. Although she isn't as buxome as much of her other sisters, she does have a pretty face and a fairly nice figure. She has beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes along with skin as soft as anything. She will be portrayed by Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth I
Personality: Her facial structure is quite complex. People don't really know if she is satisfied with something unless she smiles brightly which has been rare recently. Camilla is also quite manipulative, often using guilt or just plain intimidation to get the things she wants. She is very obvious on her favorites of the court as well.
Weapons: Her wit and sarcasm
Abilities/Powers: Manipulation
Other Notes: One of her favorites is Lady Anastasia de Wulfe. Seeing as her daughter is a failure, the Queen is beginning to shape the young lady of the court into herself. She dotes gifts on the girl every chance she can get.

Queen Camilla also has a distaste for the color yellow.

Camilla's PB is Cate Blanchett